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Enjoying the moment, Celebrating the team.

Posted on: November 12, 2009 10:33 am
There's something to be said for looking back fondly on the moments we enjoy. It usually happens this time of year, the hot stove talk that is. It seems we spend so much of our time thinking forward that we seldom really enjoy the events of the season past. Generally, I suppose, it makes sense as we as Yankee's fans are constantly looking for ways to improve the club. However, following a season like we have just experienced it seems slightly trivial. These Yankees took us, the fan's, on a ride we'll never forget. All those walk-off wins, all the unforgettable homeruns, the phenomenal run of C.C. Sabathia down the stretch, Jeter becoming the all time Yankee hit king..... the memories are so many it just add's to the legend. Yet, as usual, here we sit debating whether or not Lackey is the right move or should we look to Holliday? It seems to make sense, because we care about our team and that includes the future. I am not exempt from this either. I have had numerous dicussions with many others about the prospects of this team. I only wish I could enjoy it more and think less about next season. So....I will. Thank you 2009 Yankees. Thak You So Much!

*now lets win #28! Foot in mouth
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